Thursday, March 5, 2009

Prairie Girl

Living in Oklahoma, all students study this history of the state. For our kids, this is in third grade and it is by far my favorite unit. When our eldest was in 3rd, they visited the Harn Homestead and took their lunches in tin pails. Before she went, we made a loaf of whole wheat bread and wrapped it in fabric to share with the class.

I may do this again for middle girl, and this time we want to include a jar of cream the students can shake on the bus to turn to butter.

I also love sewing their "Little House on the Prairie" dresses. The bonnets alone are enough to make me smile.

I did two others for classmates this year. Here is Syd's.

I'm not sure why I love this unit so. Maybe because I didn't grow up in this state, finally learning what Boomer Sooner meant was a relief. I am not a pioneer kind of girl, but there is something sort of tactile and intriguing about how early settlers lived their lives and furnished their homes that fascinates me.

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