Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just Say No

I have never been a bumper sticker kind of girl. There is something so personal about slapping a slogan on your car for the whole world to see. It always seems vulnerable and in-your-face for me.

I feel the same way about t-shirts and other apparel. I won't even consider shirts with store names or silly sayings; I do not permit my children to shill for mass producers either, by splashing their little bodies with someone else's name. I just don't like it.

Facebook status updates lately have been like a huge traffic jam I'm stuck in, all the cars idling in a sea of personal opinion and assumption. And I will not be silent another minute.

My "friends" invite me to join their various groups assuming my participation. Other acquaintances decry their political affiliation in an attitude that presupposes my agreement. People complain about the current president and his cabinet, others reference past presidents and their apparent greatness or lack thereof.

I'm not a total scrooge. Some slogans make me laugh, or think or evoke some emotional response. Some of them are even empirically true. But there are two things I dislike about them. The first is that a life reduced to platitudes is not one I want to live. I'd rather not be tacked down by one stupid quote shouted from the rooftops of my status update.

But the second is more insidious and divisive. The animosity people display toward current or former administrations does little to change anything positive. When one can not move beyond her hatred for leaders she is ignoring the point of our democratic system. Whining about it doesn't change anything. Hateful rhetoric, again, has no positive point or result. Our country is more divided than ever and these rallying cry ideologies not only get in the way of a system that is beautifully, if not perfectly, formed, but they hearken to days where dissent was not tolerated, where differences in opinion could get you killed.

I'm sure I sound a little Pollyanna here, and most people would not choose "patriot" as their first word to describe me. Perhaps the real reason I hate these slogans is the arrogance behind them. The arrogant stance that one's position, idea, or belief is supreme. The puffed up assumption that if I know you then I of course agree with you.

All they really make me want to do is roll my eyes or dig in for a debate. Until now, I've either bitten my virtual tongue or been rendered utterly speechless. I need a strategy for replying that will be kind but stop the madness. Any ideas?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Reduce Reuse

I am getting a little obsessive about this green product thing. Check out my new cleaning towels. Made from, of all things, diaper fabric, they are like paper towels you can wash.

I love how soft and pretty they are in the morning sun. I guess if they're clean it means I need to give the kids some jobs to make them dirty.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


8 Things

In thanks to magpiegirl, who shared her 8 things, I am wracking my brain coming up with my own.

8 Things I Promise Myself:
  1. To get a pedicure ONCE this summer.
  2. To embrace my inner pet-owner
  3. To let go of the imperfection, or rather, to embrace it.
  4. To blow bubbles with my kids.
  5. To strip the wallpaper in my kitchen
  6. To finish the Artist's Way.
  7. To sit still until I know
  8. To rock a bikini in August (in the backyard)
'Kay this was way harder than I thought it would be. I plan to revisit in a week. I noticed that my list was a lot of to do's. I sat and sat and waited and waited, thinking of concepts or ideals that I needed to reclaim or grasp. I think, in the end, the list reflects that, even if the shape of them is in activity.

What is your list?
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Thursday, May 14, 2009

If Wishes Were Bags

I made this custom bag for a friend at the kids' school. I am so pleased with how it turned out that I am considering changing my name to Laurel.

Quilter's cotton encased in 12 gauge vinyl, navy piping, solid blue lining and super lovely straps (not white lest they show smudges said my friend). I love it.

It is going to be her swim bag. Perfect for that.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super Cute Custom Packaging

One of my many "jobs" is a Mary Kay consultant. I really love the products and meeting interesting new women. But my heart is in my studio where if I could I would create all day (that is my goal this year, and I am getting closer every day, but that's a story for another day).

One of the most important components of MK, or really any business, is quality customer service. MK encourages women to be who they are and act with integrity in our interactions with our customers. My friend Bea is a shining example of examplary customer service. Her stock is full, she returns calls quickly, she gives free shipping and delivery, and she takes product presentation seriously.

In the coming days, fellow MK ladies and other home business owners can start sharing Bea's passion for product presentation by visiting my etsy shop. I am stocking my virtual shelves with business card/sample holders, small product bags and customer note cards. I can offer them in sizes from 1" to 23" and virtually any color. These will be fully customizable and built to customer specifications. The other cool thing about them is they will be cost effective for the home office. Each order will come cut and ready to assemble, with score lines marked, a bone folder included and instructions if necessary. Also a glue stick!

Think of them as little diy kits for showing the best of your biz.

See images for ideas.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brain Overload

I was out of town for a week. I've been back almost a week. I'm still behind on everything. Dirty Laundry is strewn about the house like so many ghostly children, dishes dangle precariously in the sink,custom orders call my name. The dog keeps pooping in my studio, the kids have almost daily year-end events for which I mindlessly (and happily) volunteered.

Today it is my intention to finish a few custom orders, wash some dishes, cycle through the laundry and play on the video game with the littlest kid. I know that when I do this, he will yell at me, because my gaming skills are lacking.

On my list of fun things: cloth napkins, a kindle case for EM, teacher's summer fun fabric buckets, and lunch with the big boy.

The picture above doesn't pertain to anything other than well, I like it.