Thursday, May 21, 2009

8 Things

In thanks to magpiegirl, who shared her 8 things, I am wracking my brain coming up with my own.

8 Things I Promise Myself:
  1. To get a pedicure ONCE this summer.
  2. To embrace my inner pet-owner
  3. To let go of the imperfection, or rather, to embrace it.
  4. To blow bubbles with my kids.
  5. To strip the wallpaper in my kitchen
  6. To finish the Artist's Way.
  7. To sit still until I know
  8. To rock a bikini in August (in the backyard)
'Kay this was way harder than I thought it would be. I plan to revisit in a week. I noticed that my list was a lot of to do's. I sat and sat and waited and waited, thinking of concepts or ideals that I needed to reclaim or grasp. I think, in the end, the list reflects that, even if the shape of them is in activity.

What is your list?
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  1. This is a great list, Jen. I think it says a lot about who you are: a person whose activities and actions are very closely tied to her thought life and emotional wellbeing. So I think you're right—the list reflects concepts you want to reclaim, in the form of actions.

    I especially love #2 and #8, which both made me laugh, and #7, which made me wonder.

  2. I loved the Artist's Way and have read it twice. Perhaps again this summer I will pick it up. It filled me with ideas, inspiration and challenges to be more creative. That said, I did not commit its concepts to habit or a regular part of my daily thinking, but edged toward the transformation I desire with each reading.

    I like your list alot.

    My summer goal is to keep movement (mental agility, physical activity, emotional flexibility) in my life. I think we often find reclamation and renewal in the very act of taking a tiny step, so I applaud your attention to activity as a means to move beyond inertia toward more generativity and realization of your goals.

    But from my perspective, it seems everyday on Facebook you are showing us great creativity and endless ideas through your HollyHouse Studio.

    Oh, and besides thinking about moving versus interia for my own summer goals, I would like to get my art/sewing room to look like something besides the "junk room." A coat of purple, yes some shade of my favorite color, on the walls, and new window coverings. Jettison sewing machines that give me grief and buy a new one so I can get my Warmie business off the ground!