Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brain Overload

I was out of town for a week. I've been back almost a week. I'm still behind on everything. Dirty Laundry is strewn about the house like so many ghostly children, dishes dangle precariously in the sink,custom orders call my name. The dog keeps pooping in my studio, the kids have almost daily year-end events for which I mindlessly (and happily) volunteered.

Today it is my intention to finish a few custom orders, wash some dishes, cycle through the laundry and play on the video game with the littlest kid. I know that when I do this, he will yell at me, because my gaming skills are lacking.

On my list of fun things: cloth napkins, a kindle case for EM, teacher's summer fun fabric buckets, and lunch with the big boy.

The picture above doesn't pertain to anything other than well, I like it.

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