Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super Cute Custom Packaging

One of my many "jobs" is a Mary Kay consultant. I really love the products and meeting interesting new women. But my heart is in my studio where if I could I would create all day (that is my goal this year, and I am getting closer every day, but that's a story for another day).

One of the most important components of MK, or really any business, is quality customer service. MK encourages women to be who they are and act with integrity in our interactions with our customers. My friend Bea is a shining example of examplary customer service. Her stock is full, she returns calls quickly, she gives free shipping and delivery, and she takes product presentation seriously.

In the coming days, fellow MK ladies and other home business owners can start sharing Bea's passion for product presentation by visiting my etsy shop. I am stocking my virtual shelves with business card/sample holders, small product bags and customer note cards. I can offer them in sizes from 1" to 23" and virtually any color. These will be fully customizable and built to customer specifications. The other cool thing about them is they will be cost effective for the home office. Each order will come cut and ready to assemble, with score lines marked, a bone folder included and instructions if necessary. Also a glue stick!

Think of them as little diy kits for showing the best of your biz.

See images for ideas.

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