Thursday, December 24, 2009

and now for something completely different

Wrist cuffs for attendees at 12 year old's birthday party. Tutorial can be found here.
If your last name is the same as mine, you can expect something like this under the tree. Glasses in a variety of sizes and styles etched with different themes. This is the easiest project. Slap a stencil on a glass, slap some glass etching cream on that, let it work according to package directions, rinse and give.

My sister in law hosted Thanksgiving for the first time this year. I made her this cheery cherry apron as a thank you.


  1. I tried using glass etching cream this year and was really unimpressed. I thought the "depth" of the etching was really light, and didn't really show up on the glass unless you were looking (hard) for it. What product did you use? Your's look like what I was expecting!

  2. I left it on there for wayyyyy longer than recommended. More like 20-30 minutes than the suggested 3-6. My first go round was like you describe. I used Armor Etch from Hobby Lobby. I applied a very thick layer, and as I said, let the cream work for much longer. I hope you give it another go. It really is lovely. I especially like the snowflakes I put on the bottom of highball glasses.