Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Begin at the Beginning

In trying to find a balance between participating in pop culture and staying true to the call of God in our lives, it's helpful to refer to the start.

When God created the world, and its inhabitants, he used every bit of divine creativity he had. Whatever idea of the beginning of time you ascribe to, know that He who created it created you. And not just as another show off move he had up his sleeve. He could simply have kept on with the various derivations of monkey, giraffe and aardvark, but he went big with humans.

Really big.

For one thing, he created us last. I like to think of this as leaving room for dessert. He created us in his image and likeness. He created us to have authority over the earth. And he created us to be in relationship with him.

No other creature on Earth can boast those claims. But what does it mean to be created in his image and likeness? It means, according to my research, that humans are gifted with some characteristics of God, although we do not possess them perfectly, or use them flawlessly.

The character trait that pertains to a discussion on faith and art is creativity. Perceiving his world and responding by creating ourselves is one of the most natural things. Experiencing life and expressing our attitudes about it through music, writing, theater, painting or other media seems like just the reaction God, the Creator, would expect.

What do you think? Is creativity an aspect of the Creator? If so, how do you use yours?

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