Saturday, April 11, 2009

Make your Own Oilcloth Key Fob

Don't you just love the word "fob."

A fun little project anyone can do...with the right tools.

I had scraps of oilcloth left from myriad projects. Cut into strips 2" by 12". Fold the long sides toward the center and finger press into place.

Stitch using long machine stitches with oilcloth down the lenth of both sides. Right sides together at short ends, stitch several times across to secure.

Turn right side out and finger press. Using a small hole punch, pierce a hole near the stitching on the short end. Set eyelets according to package directions, but remember to work on a hard surface and use a good hammer and a good grip (at the end of the handle).

Open keyring with gloriously fake nails and slide into place on eyelet, cursing if your fakies break or get pockets...but I digress.

Voila! Your very own key fob.

Or you can buy one at my etsy shop.

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