Friday, May 14, 2010

The Most Fun Project

I am not a sentimental person.


When my husband graduated High School, long before I knew him, he was given a quilt. His friend's mom made it for him to thank him for something particularly kind he had done for her son. She wrote a sweet note on the back. He carried that blanket to school, to summer jobs, and into our married life. Twenty years later, we still have that quilt; it's kind of a family favorite. The fabric is worn, parts of the edges frayed in spots. And yet, it's something every one of us loves.

So when my friend asked me for creative ways to memorialize her graduating son's theatrical achievements, it was short jump to memory quilt.

Pictures were scanned, paged were printed and handed over to me. I used the school's colors to trim the squares. In the center, I embroidered his name, his graduating class and his years in Repertory Theater. His acting chops are such that he's been active on stage for all four years of High School and was this year awarded Mr. Theater. Which I think is kinda cool. His friends can sign the blank space around his name.

When I delivered them yesterday (we made two, one for a friend), smiles all around. Like I said, I'm not particularly sentimental but I enjoyed putting this piece together. I thought of how proud my friends are of their son. I thought of his hard work and his passionate pursuit of something he loves. And I thought of his bright future, continuing that pursuit.

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