Thursday, May 20, 2010

Same Difference

In fourth grade, my all time, no holds barred BFF forever and ever was Cindy Taylor. I mean, I'm sure we were in 3rd and 5th and probably 6th, my memory functions half-heartedly some days.

We were so close that we planned our outfits nearly every single day. If we couldn't match at school we made sure to match at church on Sundays. I remember poring over the J.C. Penney's catalog and my mother oh-so-obliging placing the order at Thrift Drug. (Weird, right? They don't do that anymore.) I remember a pink polo shirt and grey shorts. I remember culottes. Yikes!

Some of my happiest childhood days were spent with Cindy, at her house or mine. At camp, at church, at school.

And life intervened.

I hadn't seen or talked to Cindy in over 20 years when through the magic of the internet we met up again. Cindy and I are now busy married moms with lots to do and different lives. But we might still share similar taste.

Cindy checked out gallery of handmade goodies and she asked about one of my bags, and the one she liked best is the one I carry nearly every day. She requested an exact replica, except for one minor change. She asked me to label it somehow that it was from me. How sweet is that?

During my fabric selection, prep and assembly I reminisced. I laughed, all alone in my sewing room, remembering things we did, boys we liked, places we went. I think that's the reason why I like making custom items so much. It's fun to think of a new design and play, but it's way more fun for me to make something very specific for someone just as specific. It gives me time to think through who that person is to me, what the item will mean to them. I feel connected by more than memories.

Yesterday I shipped off Cindy's handmade, custom, exact replica tote bag. I hope she gets as much joy out of using it as I had making it.

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