Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My New Love and a Messenger Bag

So, I guess my 11 yo is old enough to make her own book lugging decisions. And apparently, it is not cool to use a rolling backpack. Many of the 5th grade crowd, harbingers of taste and cool that they are, carry the ever popular messenger bag. Being the hyper cool mommy that I am, I made her one. It is super cute. My girl loves her new bag and it is actually lighter and easier to use. We are both happy; for now.

Also my metal stamping kit arrived minus a B and a 9, but including two Qs and two 7s. So I could only do my son's name. Let me take a turn around the crazy block and tell you how incredibly happy new craft toys make me. Geeking out right now. Really.

You like?

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